Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slacking To The Nth Degree

I am so sorry if after you finish reading this blog you feel empty. Not the usual satisfaction, kicking back and unbuttoning the top button of your pants (oh, wait a minute, that is what I do after I eat) and belting out an exhausting sigh as if you had just towed a freighter up a hill using nothing but your teeth gripping a tether!!
The fact is I HAVE BEEN BUSY AS HELL! After working all day in home health followed by more after work home health to make side $$. A girl can get tired. I would love to give an update on the past weekend goings on but I am just too tired to do so. I know, I suck.
In my defense, Mike and I have started the P90X work out regimen. For the past two days (88 and counting....90 refers to the amount of days in the program) I (we) have gotten up at 4:45 in order to kick my own ass. Why, you ask? I have no earthly idea. I guess Mike and I have decided we need a challenge in our fitness routine. Guess what, we got it! The first day was nothing but a sequence of pull ups and push ups using different grips and arm positions. Don't perceive that statement as a laissez faire, no big deal kind of thing. As a matter of fact, during the last rotation, Mike stated "I am not doing another F_ C_I_G pull up." It is not easy to perform. Today was plyometric day. Seeing as I am a therapist by trade, I knew exactly what that meant. The very thought of it made me cringe, quite frankly. Lots of jumping up and down with multi-directional changes, we were both about to die! He and I are so sore, we are moving and hobbling around like a geriatric couple. OMG, tomorrow is shoulder/arm day. We are doomed!

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Crystal said...

How funny...the title of my blog today was "Slackin'". OMG on the P90x - I had my hubby get that for me for Christmas last year, I was going to use it as my program to get in shape after the baby. Yeah, not so much. I couldn't find an uninterrupted hour in my day to focus on the program, and I just wasn't will to get up that early. ;) Let me know how it goes!