Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Need A Barley Sandwich

This is our code-phrase at work when we have had a really crappy day! Strangely enough, this phrase has been used a lot over the past two days. S0 we are already stressed after just two days of work. That is never a good sign! It is not that any of us hate our jobs or career choices..I truly feel all of us love our jobs, it is not "just a place to go and make money." This is especially a good thing for our patients. I think they receive some of the best care around and they know it!
The barley sandwich is in reference to a humongous, ice cold, tall one.....if you know what I mean. Our patient load has been exceptional trying and we are all just tired! I think it is more mentally tired than physical. I don't know about anyone else but the mental tired makes me crash more than the physical.
OK, I am finished venting. You won't read much bitching on my blog because generally..I am in a good mood. I am sure if my husband read that he would vehemently disagree! OK, OK...I am generally in a good mood around my friends....How's that!

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