Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pajama Day Was Today!!!

Oh, how I love this holiday. About one day a month I designate Pajama Day. If you do not have this family need to adopt it. For those of you that do not know what this day is I will say, "I am sorry." This is a day where everyone stays in their pajamas (hence, the title). There are rules...of course...always rules to ruin everything.

1. You are allowed to bathe but in order to maintain the order of the have to put some type of pajamas back on.
2. This has to occur impromptu....decided the morning planning, that is cheating.
3. You are not allowed to do any type of work. Pajamas::Relaxing (Sorry SAT flashback)

I implore anyone who has never experienced this holiday to do so. Please do not say....
"I have too much to do for this type of holiday!" Believe me, I do to. I work full time and have two children. Sometimes you have to let things go and live in the moment. You will thank me one day if you try it. Good Luck!!


Kendra Vachon said...

Rock on Pajama Day! You should have it at least once a month. We do :)

kenzi said...

we LOVE pajama day at our house!! just thinking about it relaxes me!! im enjoying your "blogging" and i think im going to start as well!!