Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pseudo-Nickname

This day started out as normal as any other day. That is until 8:45 a.m. when my cell phone rang. The I.D. stated "**the school my son goes to." I answered it begrudgingly...it is the school nurse. She told me Michael had been feeling sick at his stomach and was not able to make it to the bathroom. He threw up all over the classroom floor. Apparently, the volume of the "throw up" was sooooo much....they evacuated the kids outside to read until the janitor could get it cleaned up. Please Lord, do not let some crazy nickname be attached to this incident that will stick with him until graduation. Vomit-man, Pukeboy, SplatMaster!!!! You get the point!

**NOTE: That is obviously not the name of my son's school. However, due to all the sickos out there....you never know who is tracking your every move.....God Bless America!!


halem5 said...

Hey chick-
If it's any comfort, I puked all over the floor of my 1st grade classroom, immediately following lunch one day. That's not all....in my heaving, a green bean shot out of my nose! My point? No one ever called me Beanie, Booger Bean, or Pukegirl. He'll be just fine!

Angela said...

That brings me comfort on levels I cannot even explain. In a strange way!! Just kidding. Love ya!