Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Throw Some Dirt on It

Dirt cures all that bores you. This would be your mantra if you were a boy or at the very least my youngest child. Marshall is a boy's boy. If I knew the authorities would not get called, I could put him in the back yard 24/7 and he would be happy as a clam. (How happy is that, exactly?) So, Sunday I decided to try and plant some flowers in the pots on the patio. To keep Marshall occupied...I gave him a spade, pot of dirt, and a Tonka dump truck. He proceeded to dig all the dirt out of the pot and put it in the dump truck. After he was finished he took the plastic pot, put it on his head, and just sat there for a few seconds. He was covered in dirt and was so cute. He then helped me water my flowers followed by trying to rinse his dirt covered hands in the water that was running out of the bottom of the pots. It was a mess but he had a ball. I totally stripped him down before coming into the house. This did not bother him either. Did I mention how much he like to be naked? Total bliss for him would be naked AND outside 24/7. Have you ever seen a blissful 20 month old? If not, please refer to the following picture. Don't worry, it is the clothed version!

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kenzi said...

oh, this is such a cute pic of marshall! lilly is my version of a boy. loves to be dirty, eat rocks, and be outside constantly!!