Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Evolution Of Coincedence

I am so on the fence in regards to fate and Rava would say...."There are no big coincidences and small coincidences, just coincidences" (Seinfeld)
I will have to disagree. I believe there are degrees of coincidences and the method in which they evolve to bring one to the end of a journey can be interesting to say the least. Almost in a way that one could not detect until they reached they end of that destination. I know this sounds all Confucius and once you read the following text you might think...'Wow, what a huge disappointment for such an opener.' Before you read further..this is not an entry of unrequited love, kismet, winning the lottery, etc.........It is just an entry of people helping other people like they are supposed to not for any other reason.
I rarely drive to my mom's place on Saturdays. Only because it is a pain to pack up the boys and all their accoutrements and drive 60 miles west. My Mom usually makes the journey every other Saturday so I don't have to...that is just the kind of Mom she is. (Take note, she is not retired so she works all week and selflessly gives her Saturday to us) Anyway, I am looking at the calender in the pantry and realize she will go three weeks without seeing the boys if we don't make a journey to Hermitage. Since I don't have the heart to neglect her of her grandbabbies that long, I decide to visit her on Saturday (1st coincidence). On Saturday, I was packing up the car and Michael asked if I would load up his Razor Scooter so he could ride it down to the pool (2nd coincidence because he has never asked to do this). You see, my mom lives in a condominium and they have a pool but it is about 1/10th of a mile from my parent's place. Back to the story......we usually have so much crap to take (toys, towels, cooler stocked with drinks and snacks, the kids) the thought of walking down to the pool is almost laughable. Not from a trifling standpoint but from a necessity standpoint.
We walk out of mom's place with the intention in my mind to follow Michael with the Tahoe as he rides his scooter and we shuttle the rest of our fare. Well, Mom decides we could use the walk and we conjure up a plan to get us and all of our crap down there....not to mention Marshall has his 3 wheeled SpongeBob scooter that he gives up riding half way there so I have to carry it, too. (3rd Coincidence). We stay at the pool for about 2 hours and Marshall is showing his usual signs of fatigue and we pack up and decide to tackle the arduous trek back to Mom's place.
All of our stuff in hand....up the hill we go. (Downhill to the pool, uphill back) We are 3/4 of the way back and for some reason I glance to my specific reason...AND....understand the space between the garages of each condo are approximately 3.5 feet wide. For once Marshall is not commandeering all of my attention (4th coincidence) and what do I see. I notice an 80 something year old lady with a flushed face and scared look down on the grass. I told Mom to hold on, put all my things down and walked over there. She told me she fell a while ago and has not been able to stand back up. She was grasping a metal column supporting her covered walkway like it would some how save her. She tried to stand up as soon as I walked over and I insisted on checking out her hips before I helped her to her feet. After doing the usual, I felt she had not broken any bones and I got her to her feet. I told her that I did not mean to intrude but I insisted on walking her into her home and sitting her down by a phone. She stumbled a couple of times on the way in and I sat her down. She stated she was fine and told me to lock the door on my way out. So that is my story. How long that lady would have say there....who knows. She had already been there for quite some time because her face was all red even though she was in the shade.
I know you all think I am crazy....but I truly feel all of these things led up to me helping her only because I NEVER do any of them. How long would that poor lady have sat there in the grass and heat of the day before someone found her. In retrospect, I should have gone back and checked her vitals but hindsight is 20/20. I think I am going to ask my Mom to go by her place and make sure she is OK. So, that is my story of the evolution of coincidence. Sorry if is was a disappointment but I was so glad I ran upon her.


Crystal said...

Emailed you the sausage and potato recipe....get prepared to laugh!

And I'm so glad you were there to help that woman, she could have died from heat exhaustion/stroke or something.

(PS - the word verification for today is "defulcla" - that sounds dirty)

mandi said...

no coincidences. tender mercies. you were that woman's angel. don't argue with me about it.