Monday, June 29, 2009

The Weekend

Well another three day weekend has come and gone. Gobbled up with the same voracious appetite it always has. It was a good weekend despite the speed it passed. Friday we went swimming followed by absolutely nothing (fine by me). Saturday my mom came up and we all had a fabulous time. Mom bought Michael this great book called 'The Paper Airplane Book'. It has 20 different types of paper airplanes you can make. The nice thing about it are the papers are included in the book, each model has a unique painting on it, and the lines are marked and numbered to tell you where to fold to make different ones. He has had a ball and I have a graveyard of paper airplanes all over the house.
Later Saturday night, I went to Cherly's house to officially celebrate her new home. The house is beautiful and will offer her and her two boys PLENTY of room to move around. Boxes were everywhere, clothes on the floor, the ashtray/cigarettes on the outside table from the previous owner (Yuck)......but we did not care. We sat out on the deck (after we moved the ashtray), ate appetizers I brought from Cheddar's and drank a glass of wine. I don't know what the deal is with this 5 hour thing but once again.....I arrived at 7 p.m. and sitting out on the deck FIVE hours later....I decided it was time to go home. The conversation was great and we talked about just about everything under the sun. Lots of laughing, trying to solve the World's problems, the meaning of love, do we believe in soul mates, we need to stop being even the slightest bit shallow, and on and on it went. The only thing we were not aloud to talk about was anything negative! We did well.
Sunday, I finally got my boys to Sunday school. Marshall officially is out of the nursery. He was so cute sitting as his little table with his hands folded in front of him and actually listening! It was strange. We are going to make a valiant effort to stay more devoted to this type of Sunday routine. We left church and went to Lowe's. I have this strange itch to paint our bedroom. My husband and mom both think I am crazy. It is not that I can't paint well it is the fact of the bedroom being over 300 sq. ft with 9 ft ceilings. They think I should feel the task is more daunting than I actually do. I don't care....I am doing it. One wall a day....then I have to figure out how I am going to pain the upper part of the ceiling. Not quite for sure how I am going to do that since we don't have the appropriate ladders and what not to reach that high! I guess I can rent something.
Anyway, we went home....changed clothes...and went to the pool. GUESS WHAT, Marshall is officially swimming without floaties attached to his biceps. He is not swimming far and we still have to have an eagle eye on him BUT he is doing it. With his head under water. We are thrilled.
We got home and Marshall took a nap. It was a short one because his girlfriend came over for a play date. They fought more than they played but isn't that how it goes with most long term couples? They have been an item for two years, now!
Well, that is my exciting weekend. Once again, I know you all are jealous of my jet setting life style! Only so few can be privileged! HA HA HA

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