Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Am Too Old For This

I had the privilege to partake in a long overdue Girl's Night Out last night for Michelle's birthday. I have yet to understand how time can go so fast when we get together. I sat down at the table around 7 p.m., ordered something to drink, ordered my usual (shrimp and grits with a side of fried okra), listening to some live music on the lanai, ate and the next thing I was midnight. Holy crap, Mike's last words as I left the house kept going through my mind, "Remember you have to work tomorrow".
I promise I had great intentions to not make it a late night. But time slipped away and the next thing I was today! Needless to say, I was saying some interesting things when the alarm clock went off that would embarrass Howard Stern. Now, as I am relaxing in my chaise lounge on the patio....I can barely keep my eyes open. I am TOO OLD FOR THIS! After last night, my nickname became Malibu Barbie. I cannot decide if I should be flattered or insulted!!
Marshall is raising you know what, Michael is building his Lego jet ski/truck combo right on top of me, my father -in-law is over having Mike try different types of mustard and I am highly overstimulated. I just want to be left alone for the night, veg out on the couch and have QUIET. I really don't think that is too much to ask. Thank the Good Lord I have a three day weekend coming. Here are some pics of all of us at Crawdaddy's. Remember, if you are ever in the big town of Cookeville or only live an hour or so away, it is well worth the drive. Let the weekend kiss my on the mouth! On a complete sidebar, what is the deal with all the celebrity deaths the past couple of days....Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson ( I don't know if I believe that one or not. This is the next Elvis one will be convinced he is dead, phenomenon.)
Me and my closest friend, Cheryl
Me and my great friend, Kristie
Some of our gang!
Michelle S. and Michelle H. (B-day girl)

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