Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mid Week Update

Wow, I cannot believe we are half way through the week already. My Wednesday and Thursday are going to be just as busy so it looks like this little lady may not be working at all on Friday! FINE WITH ME! Anyway, the weekend went well and too fast as usual. We went to a birthday party/family reunion in Williamson County. There were many people attending who had not seen me since I was in an infant carrier! I guess I have changed a little physically but my attitude probably hasn't! So, the house where it was held was beautiful. 30+ acres, massive home, huge pond, swimming pool....heaven. I would love to live out in the country with a lot of land one day but I just cannot seem to let go of my convenient drive times. I have included some pics of the house (with the backside of my big butt, Marshall and my Dad going up the steps) and the boys by the pond. I would describe it as God's Country.
Tomorrow is Girl's Night Out. It has been too long since we have all gathered together. We are celebrating Michelle's birthday even though she says we are just 'getting together'. Don't share the limelight girl.....bask in the glory of the spotlight, center stage. It is my party, where are the presents! ha ha....she is not that type of person so that won't happen. I am personally looking forward to seeing the group AND we are going to Crawdaddy's which is one of my favorite restaurants. I will venture to say, it is in the top five best restaurants I have had the pleasure to eat at. To prepare for the event, I got a spray tan today!! Since I plan on wearing a halter top, I did not want to glow in the pale moon light with all the bare skin showing.
Well, that is my exciting life update! Are you so jealous that you do not live a life like mine?! NOT. On a completely opposite note....Michael is at church camp in North Carolina until Friday. It is so weird not having him around the house. The funny thing is.....Marshall has not asked about Michael and Michael has not asked about Marshall. I think they both deserve the break.

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Crystal said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a great time at the bday/family reunion. Beautiful pictures too! And YAY for Girl's Night Out (if you had girls you would know the Hannah Montana song - "Let's Go! G-N-O!! Woo Hoo! Let's Go! G-N-O!)

My girls don't seem to miss each other when one or the other goes off to camp either...I think they truly do need the break every once in awhile. :)