Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Am A Muse To Somebody....SCARY!

I just had to post this picture.....I am sitting at the kitchen bar getting together an exercise routine for my cousin. It was taking me forever to get the before and after pictures for it so she would understand exactly how to do each of the exercises. In hindsight, I should have had Michael take pictures of me doing the exercises...that would have been a lot simpler. Maybe next time.
Seriously digressing, the next thing I know.....I hear a loud thud followed by a crash. The thud was Marshall plopping 'his' computer onto the bar and the crash was my favorite Tyler Candle making a nose dive into the sink after being catapulted by 'his ' computer! Wow, candles can have quite the airtime. Anyway, thought I would would share the picture of my youngest trying to be just like his Mommy! SCARY, let's just hope he will work as hard as his Mom and not live off the governement!

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