Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Night Sleep Peppered With Strange Dreams

So, for the past two nights I have slept extremely well. To most people this may not seem blog worthy. For me, a raging insomniac, being able to sleep even part of the night without help, i.e. Benadryl or other things ;) is almost unheard of . However, there is one caveat to my restful sleep. STRANGE DREAMS. Only two nights of strange dreams....but....notice only two nights of restful sleep. Sunday night consisted of, what felt like a 6 hour dream but was probably 27 seconds, me trying to get to a home health patient. My patient was not in distress or anything.....I just could not get there to hair lip the Pope. It was one thing after another, my GPS would not work, I was physically unable to dial my phone, strange phone calls, road blocks....you name it, it made an appearance. I woke up after 7 hours of sleep absolutely exhausted. I felt as if I had been running all night.
Last night was more physical. The same haunting dreams of home health but more realistic. I literally popped out of bed around midnight thinking I had fallen asleep at someone else's home. It was down right eerie. It took me about three minutes to gain composure and realize I had not abandoned my family for the night because I had passed out at a patient's house. I realized I was in my bed....in my room. BUT, wow it felt real. Please don't construe this as me not enjoying that aspect of my job. I love home health but for some reason, unbeknownst to me, it is plaguing my every thought. I cannot decide which is worse, 1. Getting a good night of sleep with strange dreams abounding, or 2. Tossing and turning all night with nary bit of sleep. I axe you (ha ha), why can I not have a good night of sleep without all the drama?


Danielle said...

I had weird dreams the other night too, I had 3 of them. All vivid and I can even recall them now. It was weird. I haven't had dreams like that in a long time. I hope you get good dreamless sleep soon. Or at least dreams you don't remember!

Crystal said...

Maybe you guys are having my weird pregnancy dreams for me. :)