Friday, June 19, 2009

I Have No Idea What To Name This!

Ok, now that is over and done. Let us move on to the blog at hand. I was thumbing through or left mouse buttoning through some of the pics on the camera card and came upon these little nuggets. Since this is my child not will not find this as "cute, endearing, and entertaining" as I do. Rightly so. What I do ask is that you look at the pics of Marshall and his "lady friend" Callie. That includes watching the entire video of Marshall driving her around in his 'ride'. Both of my boys seem to be good drivers....let us hope that carries on into their adolescent age and my insurance rates stay down. For your viewing pleasure, or boredom depending on who you are........I introduce to you, Marshall and Callie. Please forgive the redneck yell 1/4 way through the video. Marshall had something in his mouth and I did not want him to choke on it. I was just not in the mood to perform the Heimlich! Oh, the word of the day is Juxtapose. I love this word too but hard to work into a sentence.

"Luv me"
'Girl Drives'
'Girl Crashes'


Amy said...

Hey girl! I still think they are sooo cute! Marshall & Callie were so sweet that night just riding around with Marshall pointing everything out to her! I still can picture it in my mind. The golf ball was hilarious.I know that you & I are very blessed to have such BEAUTIFUL children. I look forward to more play dates and adventures with them. Have a great day! :))

Lauren said...

haha...what a cutiepie. he's going to be a hearthrob....oh wait, it looks like he already is. I love the way Callie has his arm around him in the "luv me" picture. too cute.