Wednesday, May 20, 2009

37 Going On 16

What is it about washing and detailing a car? I feel as if I am channeling the 16 year old version of myself. You all know what I mean...... washing the 'vehicle' with TLC, Armour All'ing every aspect of the vehicle that remotely resembles the color black. This includes any rubber or faux rubber moldings that are in any association with said vehicle. Windex (or in my case Invisible Glass) on all the windows....inside and out. What is it about having an immaculate ride? Here it is 9:30 at night and I have an inkling to cruise the "strip" (not quite for sure where that is here) and show off my squeaky clean, run you noisy finger down the paint, dare you to find a dirty spot.... Tahoe!!!
I arrived home today a little after five with an itch to perform all the previously said things (minus the cruising). Two hours later, I had a kick ass white Tahoe with a dead battery!! Sorry, I love my music and it is a very integral part of me. In the midst of my vehicular cleaning frenzy...I inadvertantly ran the battery down in said clean Tahoe listening to my Ipod.............WHOOPS!!! I guess worse things have happened. OH, did I mention how Happy Mike was to 'jump off' said Tahoe??? He was thrilled. Afterwards he stated...."Boy, I wish I could jump of vehicles all day and every day!!" Not really!


mandi said...

dont the dudes hang out in the parking lot at goodwill? I'm sure you could find some perfectly adequate loadies to give you the satisfaction you're looking for.

Crystal said...

Yeah, I think I only washed my car like that when I knew the neighborhood boys were outside. Now my hubby does it for me...but I think he's probably eye candy for the neighborhood girls/women. ;)

And seriously, where do they get these word verifications? "forkstan" is today's that like a middle eastern country known for its forks?