Monday, May 4, 2009

Marshall and I Switched Shirts

I know this is a strange heading to a blog post but this was the phrase uttered by my eldest yesterday. Hearing your child say "Hey look, Marshall and I switched shirts", is not necessarily weird in its own right. That is if your children are spaced apart the usual 2-3 years. But when your boys are 6.2 years apart, it is a little strange. Marshall thought this was hilarious and Michael looked was a little disconcerting to say the least! I added a picture for your viewing pleasure.
Other than that (pretty sad that it was the most exciting thing that has happened lately) nothing new. Other than contemplating an ark building project, not a whole lot going on. I was able to clean up my iPod yesterday which gave me quite a feeling of accomplishment. It has become an hourly task to talk myself out of buying an iPod touch. Especially when my works just fine except the battery doesn't hold much of a charge. What better excuse could there be to get a new one? Plus, it has wifi which is sweet. So, tending to my old makes me want to keep know...all the hard work that is in it and all!! Alright, I am going to stop rambling about stupid crap and include 3 cute pics of my boys. Oh, I have not forgotten about my post from Dale Hollow. It has kind of lost its kick since it was a week ago but I may need it as filler since my life has all of the
sudden gotten boring!

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mandi said...

I enjoyed seeing both of your Michaels riding their bikes from school last week. That would scare the crap out of me, but the guys just seem to scoff at danger. And they never get hurt. hmm.