Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update With Yours Truly

I hate my posts that involve a hodge podge of information without order or clarity. BUT, here I go anyway.......
Friday came and went without a lot of fanfare. Just me shopping for a dress. What is it about having an ass load of clothes in your closet but when a special event comes along.....nothing is good enough. Well, I did find an awesome dress and included it in a picture at the end of this entry. Later that evening, I had a hankering to rearrange our bedroom. I don't know why I get in the mood to do things like that but it had to be done. It took us about 45 minutes to complete and it looks great. Since our bed and dresser is sooo heavy, we have to partially dismantle it in order to move it. That is why it took so long. I have decided the new furniture arrangement is compliant with some sort of Feng Shui thing. I came to this conclusion after a slept ALL NIGHT with my bed and accessories being in their new position. I never sleep all night, usually I wake up every hour on average. Well, I guess the bed facing the west instead of the south is the 'Ancient Chinese Secret.' God I hope so. It gets a little old not having a good night of sleep. Not to mention the crankiness my family has to endure and has no qualms giving right back to me!

Saturday went too fast as usual. The weather turned out to be sunnier than previously predicted which made me happy. I love it when the weather peeps get it wrong in that respect. We ended yesterday with a beautiful wedding. Erica and Chris have been friends of ours for about 2 years and the wedding was wonderful. Everyone looked so beautiful.....the ceremony was short but touching....the food was awesome...and the open bar was not too shabby either!! The festivities took place at the Del Monico winery in Baxter, Tennessee. That is a small town in Putnam County due west about 5 miles from Cookeville. During the dinner I was trying to play cupid between the young lady across the table from me (no, I did not just meet her) and a guy I work with via text messaging. I think they would make a great couple. We shall see what comes of it. Her is a picture of her and myself. It was taken with my cell phone so I could send it to the guy I wanted to set her up with. I had to get in the picture too because I felt it would be a little suspicious to take it of her by herself. So here we are......OH......look how cute my dress is! I just love it. I want to wear it everyday!!!

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mandi said...

I love a little sassy black and white number to spice up the season- and it complements your spray-tan fabulously! Is this the wedding following the raunchy bachelorette party? NO, I haven't ventured into the pics on fb. The blown up condom pic was enough to say to me, "keep OUT!" Oh, and the messy jumbled posts about everything are my fave because that's exactly how my mind works. messy, jumbled and about everything.