Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whatcha Drawin'

Just a quick entry about the hilarious thing Marshall asked me Saturday morning. Let me set up the scene.....I am putting up clothes and I notice Marshall is being peculiarly quiet. As any parent knows...quiet=problems. (Unless they are sleeping) This especially applies to my Little Guy. I start sneaking around upstairs trying to find him and discover him in the playroom drawing on the wall. I did not get on to him for this, after all, he was at the correct spot on the wall (where the chalkboard paint was placed) just using the incorrect marking implement.
I sat in the floor, picked up a piece of chalk and asked him if he wanted me to draw him. On another side note.....I am the worst artist in the World....the Good Lord definitely ran out on this given talent the month I was born. OK, back to the story. I proceeded to draw a very crude drawing of a head, nose, mouth, ears and curly blond (yellow) hair. He was enthralled only because he does not know any better. Soon he will be thinking "My Mom could not draw a stick house with the curly smoke coming out of the chimney if it hair-lipped the Pope." I then started to draw the torso and then the arms. After I finished the left arm but before I drew the right..Marshall asked, "Is that my penis, Mommy?" Me: "No, it is your arm!"
I drew the rest of it and he asked "Are you going to draw my penis?" Me: "No, you have clothes on. Your penis is not showing when you have clothes on." Wow, they do get fascinated with that early and it never stops. I don't see how they walk around with those things!!! Ha ha. Here is a picture of my "alleged" chalk board porn!

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Danielle said...

Hey you didn't draw his penis. I cannot imagine the penis talk that would ensue if our two little devils got together!!!!