Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Showing Off The Flower Garden

I was wanting to wait and show off all the hard work from earlier this Spring. I was waiting for my Crepe Myrtles to bloom but I have grown impatient. I figured if I continued to wait until then, my weigelas would be finished with their blooming season and no one would be able to appreciate how cool they are. So here are the pics from the back of the house flower bed. They are in semi-order starting at the west (garage side) of the house and ending at the east (basement side) of the house. I know the total effect will be lost in the pictures but here we go anyway. I hope you all enjoy them.


Danielle said...

You impatient? I cannot imagine it.
Looks good. You should be proud.

mandi said...

You are awesome.

Crystal said...

See...that right there is why someday I don't want to live in Phoenix anymore.