Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day........Day One

Although a day early, the Mother's Day celebration for my mom was today. Since we live in Cookeville, she lives in Hermitage and her mom lives in Columbia (not the country).....she would be construed as the epicenter of the universe of the moms in our family. Since she would want to spend time with her mom on Mother's Day, we hatched a lunch/shopping trip for us for today. Needless to say this weighed heavier on the shopping trip than lunch.
We started our expedition at O'Charleys in Lebanon, TN around 12ish. Too many rolls and a cup of loaded bake potato soup later.......well......I was contemplating what would have to be done to burn off said 50,000 calories! Since I had lifted weights in the a.m. today for biceps/triceps/abs I chalked it up to time spent and chowed down!!!!
We hit the outlet mall in Lebanon around one in the afternoon. Gap, Ralph Lauren, Bass, Carter's, Children's Place, Easy Spirit, Gymboree, Coach, Nike Outlet and last but not least....Tommy Hilfiger. Please pay attention to the latter toward the end of the story.
My, oh my do I love shopping. Let me clarify....I love to shop and I work damn hard to afford to do it regrets.
Multiple outfits and a pair of shoes later (this included several outfits for the kids which they do not need) I was complete! Now, let us reflect back to the Hilfiger thing. As most of my closest friends know, I HATE TOMMY HILFIGER! I really cannot expand as to why but my reasons are valid to me and that is all that matters. That being said....they had the cutest short/shirt set in said store today and I fell in love. I bought my defense.....the shorts do not have any type of demarcation as to what brand they are.......and ....the shirt has a teeny tiny Hilfiger emblem on the bottom left of it. I am telling you, one must look to see. Therefore, I purchased!
Multiple outfits for the kids, 2 pairs of pants for me, the Hilfiger short/shirt (must say looks damn good on me), and the official 40th pair of shoes in my closet which I love,dearly. I am complete!!

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mandi said...

I'm with you on Hilfiger. no explanation needed. Happy mom's day, and congrats on three uninterrupted hours of doing anything!