Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Extremely Lame Post

Just because I have been too lazy to upload the pictures from the bachelorette party I went to Saturday.....I will talk about the 2nd cake I have ever baked in my entire life. The first cake I ever baked was a German Chocolate cake in 1991. It was a birthday cake for Mike. Needless to say, I should have asked him if he liked coconut before I made it. Whoops!!!
Let me start with the fact that I don't bake. My baking culinary expertise stops at muffins (premix out of a bag) or cupcakes. Thinking back, I believe I have only made cupcakes once. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook or grill but I just do not bake. Maybe it is some sort of subconscious thing. You see, I have no will power when it comes to sweets (or most food for that matter). They are yummy. So if they are not around, they cannot be consumed.
So back to my cake.....it was a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. I put in more fresh strawberries than the recipe called for. I love strawberries and, like garlic, I do not think you can have too much in a recipe. Wow, look at me! My second cake in my entire life and I am already branching out and changing recipes. I must have a gift!! Did I mention I had to buy a sheet cake pan! I did not own any type of bake ware....oh, except a muffin pan...hence baking expertise mentioned above. Therefore, I went all out. My cake pan has a lid that locks on with a sliding mechanism on the sides and little integrated handles. Just wait until I bring that bad boy in to the next church potluck or family reunion. Everyone would know I am a baker to me reckoned with..........hee hee.


Danielle said...

So you never actually mentioned how your cake turned out...I'm assuming good yes? I am a sucker for sweets too and I LOVE to bake but for some reason I generally don't eat what I bake. I think I'm too close to the item and by the time it's baked and done, I am done with it. So it's a good relationship.

Crystal said...

your post wasn't extremely lame...I want some of your cake! :)

(And, the verification word today to leave a comment on your blog is "pliumy". WTH?)

mandi said...

cake. mine rarely make it past the batter phase. i likes the cake.