Thursday, May 28, 2009

God's Gifts

It makes me so angry that I cannot accept God's gifts. To understand that everything about me physically and mentally (which I question more and more) was created on purpose. I am leading up to the fact of how much I hate my freckles. During the winter I have virtually none on my face. BUT, as soon as the summer comes along.....KABOOM...and not like the commercial. I don't care what kind of sunscreen it is blocking whatever band of ultraviolet rays or if the SPF is so high I could build a vacation home on the Sun and be comfortable as long as it was properly applied. Out come the freckles. I have heard it all::::you looked sun kissed::::they make you look young:::they are so cute. PLEASE, you have them for a while and we shall see what you think.
I would love to accept the fact (and be happy about it) that is how God made me soooo to complain about it would be insulting Him. Being a human sinner is so hard!!


mandi said...

for some reason, I've never had an issue with my freckles. thanks alot.:)

Danielle said...

But they are so cute! I'll trade you - your freckles for my thighs.