Sunday, June 8, 2008

Acting Like A Crack-Addict

I know that is a strange title for my blog but before you all worry that I am a drug addict...let me explain. I will start with the comment that I do have a life, however there are certain small and menial pleasures one can extrapolate from the every day humdrum of life. I am referring to the ABC series 'Lost'. For those of you who watch explanation for you is needed. For those of you who do not...It is a very complicated series full of twist, turns and subtle nuances that can be hard for the simple minded to pick up on. I am included in that simple mind group but I am not alone. Apparently there are thousands (I do mean thousands) of people that depend on one particular person to do recaps of the Lost episodes and put them on YouTube for all of our viewing, lucid pleasure!
This person is named Sean and he has 4,742 subscribers (loyal subjects) to his "channel". His last entry stated the recaps for the last two episodes of Lost would be up by Saturday night, Pacific time. Well guess what.....they are still not up and it is Sunday afternoon and let me tell you.....anarchy is afoot. I have never seen such angry people from as far away as the UK and Holland saying his name in vain! I have to admit that I am checking his site every 30 minutes or so agonizing over when these new recaps will be posted. Yes, I know that sounds pathetic but I am addicted to this like Crack. If you want to check out his recaps they are highly thought out and wonderfully filmed, not some stupid person in front of a camera hammering along. Here is a link if anyone is interested.

On a side note....if you want to totally be depressed/entertained by the decay or dumbing down of the comments other people have posted on his channel. I think people are either dumb as hell or are so addicted to texting....they just don't know or care to know how to spell anymore. Please people....if you are texting use abbreviations,your perceived hip code and acronyms. If you are sending email or leaving comments on a chat board......use ENGLISH unless you like looking like a dolt!!!

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