Monday, June 2, 2008

The Birthday Boy and Cute Toddler

This entry goes out to both of my wonderful children. Firstly, today is Michael's 8th birthday. He officially entered our world after much work from me at 2:29 pm. After much searching...I finally stayed up late last night and won a Wii off of eBay for his birthday. This was after being outbid on 22 other Wii auctions last night. I had a price in my head I was willing to pay and no more than that! Last night, I was at the kitchen table and Michael was a good 15 feet or more away on the couch watching Hook. I was talking to my mother, whispering about the wii into the phone with my hand cupped around my mouth. Michael pops up suddenly, turns around and says, "I hear you talking about a Wii!" How in the world is this possible? This is the same child I have to repeat myself to when he is sitting right next to me. It must be a miraculous auditory repair.
My youngest wonderful child is turning into such a character. He is really trying to talk up a storm (I don't know where he gets that.) but I can only understand about 10%. He, however, is having an in depth conversation.

Him: "Mommy"
Me: "Yes, Marshall"
Him: "Mommy"
Me: "Yes, Marshall" (more emphatically!)
Him: "garbleyflapadooytremecadoggy!"
Me: "Oh, I see."
He also loves asking for 'High Fives' and pressing the Staples easy button and repeating, "That was easy!" Hide 'n go seek is another favorite of his but he only likes to play it in our closet. He will hide behind the lower pant rack and just stand perfectly still like a sniper. We have to yell out 'where is Marshall?' Again, standing perfectly still. After we yell for him four or five times...he comes running out laughing his butt off. Oh, excuse me, his bottom off!! He so thinks he fools us. I love it!

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