Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Haircut and The Bogey

Well, I finally did it. Marshall received his first official haircut. Those golden locks are absolutely adorable but they were getting a little out of control. When his hair was wet at the pool, he looked like some kind of red-neck with a mullet. Think Billy Ray Cyrus pre-Hannah Montana!! Or, even better, when it was dry he looked like Albert Einstein after really tying one on the night before! This was not a good look for the little guy. Do not fret, the little guy did not get a high and tight....just a little off the sides and the back. He still looks totally cute....like anything less than that was possible! If you would like to see his pre-haircut pics go to this website:
http://amycallahan.zenfolio.com/p154199686/ Password: a.bregenzer

Little man definitely misses his brother. Whenever I pick him up from the daycare he calls out, "Bubba, Bubba!" It is so bittersweet to hear. I hope they always love each other that much. We only have three more sleeps (code for nights of sleep before you do something) until we see Bubba. I miss him terribly.
When I talked to Michael yesterday, I found out he bogeyed a hole at golf camp. That is great for a little guy. His golf coach states he has quite a golf swing for an eight year old. Don't worry, I do not have any pipe dreams of the next Tiger Woods but a college scholarship for golf would not be half shabby.

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