Sunday, June 1, 2008

When Will the Ride End

Well, I made it to Sunday in my whirlwind of a week. Of course, you know about the baby shower on Thursday and all the stress involved in planning something of that caliber. And, it is so like me to compound that stress with a trip to Spankie's (restaraunt in town) on the Wednesday before the shower with my husband and 4 other couples. I remember the haunting words of my husband...."Are you sure you want to go out with all the things you have left to do for the shower? Why would you want to do that to yourself?" His foreboding words resonate through my mind...unheeded, of course!!! I actually had an evening off on Friday but this was only because I ditched my friends who were doing dinner and a movie.
Saturday.....We had a party to go to in Nashville which started at 4pm. Since compounding stress seems to be the order of the weekend....I opted to take the kids swimming and not start packing any of us or bathing myself until 1:45. This party was 45 minutes away and we were spending the night at the Embassy in Nashville. The people at the party were ones I had not set my eyes on in over 20 years. It was great to see them all and introduce my family. We got to the hotel at 7pm and invited my parents and a wonderful woman I used to work with and her significant male other to join us for cocktails. The kids were asleep in the bedroom part of the suite and Mike and I enjoyed some adult time with other adults in the living room part of the suite sans children. This is a rarity to have us both together socializing.
Sunday......"I want to go swimming" This was the first thing out of Michael's mouth after we ate breakfast. So we all four went to the indoor pool at the hotel. It was like bathtub water! Marshall and myself thoroughly enjoyed not having to ease ourselves into the water. After swimming, we checked out at 11am and headed to my parents house. We had another birthday party in Brentwood at 2pm and needed to waste some time. This was a party for a little guy turning eight. We are also good friends with his parents. It was nice to visit with the Vachon's. They are great. On the drive home, we ran into some incredible weather which slowed traffic on I-40 to about 15 mph. Finally, we are home at 5pm.
Next weekend starts another whirlwind including evening VBS every night, Michael's 8th birthday on Monday, dinner and a movie with the girls on Tuesday, with a sleep over birthday on Friday for Michael's official birthday party. Eight boys in the house.......................I will keep this updated if I survive this ride!

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