Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Father's Day

I know many guys do not read my blog but by a small chance one does so today-Happy Father's Day.(if applicable!) This post is in honor of my devoted husband/father. Mike is a great Dad. He spent today at the pool with the kids, while I sat in a lounge chair reading magazines and talking to a friend of mine. This went on for almost 2 hours. Where some men would be thinking...Hey, this is my day. I will relax and you can be with the kids...Mike never batted an eye during that one on one time. He even got Marshall to swim by himself with floaties without his mouth going under. That in itself is momentous. Now do not get me wrong, Mike is not perfect and I definitely am not either. He puts up with my mood swings, girls night out once sometimes twice a month, and my 'Only Child Syndrome' which he has so cleverly diagnosed.
Marshall is now asleep and Mike and Michael are at the driving range. It is so nice to be in a quiet home to read,reflect, and mess around on the computer. It almost feels like Mother's Day!

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