Thursday, June 26, 2008

Power to Spare and One More Sleep

Michael was so excited after golf camp yesterday. He told me the course pro said he had "power to spare." Now, do not get me wrong. I try to see my kids as objectively as possible. I do not have these crazy aspirations of Michael being the next Tiger Woods nor do I try to live vicariously through him. If he wants to pursue golf....go for it. If not, that is fine too. But, if you truly have a knack for something.....knock it out.....exploit your talents (in a good way). Work with what the good Lord gave you. I have watched Michael swing a driver before and it is quite impressive.
It would just be nice to have a free ride to college and golf would give that to him. Yes, I know that is jumping the gun by about 10 years but one has got to have a long term plan. I will keep this updated on his up and coming PGA debut!!!
On another note, I miss that little guy so much. I have not seen him since Sunday and we are all chomping at the bit to have him home. I am using a trick I stole from a friend of mine to count off the days. Since kids have no concept of 2, 3, or 4 days until a particular put it in language they can understand. You tell them how many sleeps until that particular event is going to take place. For instance, this evening I told Marshall...One more sleep until you see Bubba. I know he has no idea what I am saying but I like putting it in some sort of perspective for him. He will eventually get it and it will help him count days. Only one more sleep for all of us until we get to see Michael!!!

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