Friday, June 13, 2008

It's That Pathetic

Our family has now entered the sacred coven of Wiiville. I was finally able to commandeer one after bidding on Ebay until 11:30 one night. This much anticipated birthday present for Michael finally arrived on Wednesday. We were soooooo excited. By we, I mean, Michael and I. I have no problem being a self proclaimed kid at heart!
We start of with bowling followed by multiple harrowing tennis matches. Granted this is all against my son who has been playing with Wiis at random friend's houses for months and has a lot of experience. The short is...he kicked my butt. I was a little scrapper....I refused to give up....I gave it my all.
I WAS SORE THE NEXT MORNING!!! I have never felt so ridiculous in my life. It would be different if I did nothing day in and day out. I have a gym downstairs....I use it. I try to run 2-3 miles a few times a week....I have a job where lifting greater than 50 pounds multiple times a day is commonplace. I ask you, how can this be?!?!?! If anyone says anything about age I will promise to assault them the next time I see them!
I have decided to try and play equally with my left arm, too. I don't want to have one fit side and one non-fit side. This ought to be very interesting.

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