Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wasting Time

I truly feel I am the queen of wasting time. It is currently 1:46pm and I have officially done nothing but fart around the house and play on the computer all day. There are things I could be plate is far from empty, i.e. organizing pictures, putting Marshall's clothes on Ebay, clean up the basement, sorting through Michael's clothes he cannot wear anymore. The list is endless as most peoples are. I ask you, which sounds more fun.....nothing or tackling some of that list. I know I would feel better if even one thing on that list could be crossed off.......psychologists say so!!! However, that does not offer one iota of inspiration. I may talk myself into going to the grocery store, go swimming with the boys for a little while, and following that up with a wienie roast with the kids. I think I will enjoy crossing things off that list much better. Hot dogs and marshmallows for everyone......and a glass of Cabernet for mom!!! That is the cherry on top of my wasted time sundae.

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