Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pink Eye and Baseball Camp

This has been a very exciting week for Michael. Baseball camp is going on through Friday and it is so much fun. Tennessee Tech sponsors it. The camp is at their baseball fields and taught by the Tech baseball players. These boys think they are really something big being able to play at the college fields. I love watching them. Michael received the door prize the first day of both eyes! I have personally never seen pink eye manifest itself equally in both eyes but if it is going to most likely will happen to us!! He woke up yesterday morning feeling his way down the hall to our room with a wet washcloth. He made it to our bathroom and handed me the cloth and said:

Him: "I cant see!"
Me: "What do you mean you cant see?"
Him: "I mean, I can't see!"
Me: "Cant see because your eyes are stuck together or can't see because when you open your
eyes you see nothing?"
Him: "I can't see because my eyes are stuck together"

Doesn't this vaguely sound like an Abbott and Costello routine? Anyway, I got him on the bed and proceeded to pat his eyes with a warm cloth and slowly pry them open. It was like something from Alien as the started to open!! When he could open them on his own (without finger assistance) he shut them back quickly stating it hurts his eyeballs to have them open. Fine, I thought. I grabbed the remote control and turned the TV to Nick where the Fairly Odd Parents were up to their typical shenanigans. He rolled over...eyes still shut...and pitifully asked "Mom, am I facing the TV?". I told him yes. Maybe 15 seconds later he told me he could keep them open now! must have been a cartoon miracle!!

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