Sunday, June 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well, we are finally home from our weekend jaunt to Nashville. I always feel I miss Nashville with all there is to do there. That is until we were all three stuck in rush hour traffic. God has a great sense of humor and to entertain himself on Friday....we were stuck in a little traffic jam. Just enough to make me reflect and say....forget this. If we still lived in Nashville, two hours of my life would be spent in a car per day and away from my kids. Here in Cookeville I spend 20 minutes in the car commuting away from my kids. What a nice quality of life that offers our family. Mike has the same commute time. We are truly blessed for both of us to work so close to our home, especially during this gas crisis. Sometimes we forget about little things like that. I guess we will continue to visit Nashville to get our 'big city' fix (yes, I know it is not that big) but return home to our small town blessings.

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