Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Sick Baby And Another Party To Plan

Marshall is sick once again. I swear, if what they say is true about building up immunities every time you are sick, Marshall is going to be the SUPERHERO of immune systems. He will have such an efficient immune system....he will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and donate his immunities to others let fortunate. Either that or if he gets sick when he is older nothing will help him!! Let us hope the first part is true.....the non-sci fi part!
Anyway, he has a low grade (101 or so) fever, incredibly stuffy nose and a horrible cough that wakes him up at night.
This is all, of course, on top of the Indiana Jones birthday party sleepover for my 8 year old tomorrow. That much talked about event is in 36 hours and I have not even gotten a birthday candle.....much less all the things needed for the obstacle course and prizes for the treasure hunt. Holy grails, rubber snakes, fake get the point. I guess lunch for Angela today will be running all over town....YIPPEE! I cannot wait to see them all in their little fedoras acting like crazy kids. I am thinking about turning on the sprinklers while they are running through the obstacles course. That will make it more adventure like....I am sooooooooo excited.

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