Monday, June 23, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend Ending With Minus One

We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Friday I took Michael and his friend Ben to the pool to swim for a couple of hours. This was capped off with a couple of margaritas and some dinner at Cinco de mayo....guess what kind of food it is!?!? Saturday morning my mom came into town and we all fiddled around the house and played outside with the kids. Mom also helped pick up while Marshall was napping so I could get ready for my cookout.
The cookout Saturday evening was great. The weather was mild and a little humid but everyone had a great time. The menu included 6 racks of ribs grilled by yours truly...and yes they tasted great. I do believe it is a good sign when you attempt to take them off of the grill and the bones start to fall out of them. That is some good eatin'! Each guest also brought a side dish. It was relaxed with good conversation. We had 15 adults and three small children under age of 2. Marshall was the oldest of the three and he was so good to little one year old Gracie. He wanted to show her something in the cooler so he put his hand in the small of her back and graciously led her over to the cooler. It was sweetest and most gentle thing I have ever seen him do. He was quite the gentleman. Now that I think about it..Michael has always been extremely polite, too.
Michael had so much fun greeting the guests in the driveway in his John Deere Gator (the kid kind) and leading them around to the back of the house. He hung out with us for a while and later would take random adults upstairs to play the Wii.
Mom spent the night and Sunday we had a great breakfast. This was followed by another 2 hours of swimming. Marshall gets so excited in the pool with his little floaties. I do believe the water level recedes just a bit by the time we leave. This is due to Marshall drinking half of the pool water because he cannot quit laughing while swimming! By the time we got back home it was 1:00 and mom needed to get back to Nashville. The only thing with that is....she was taking Michael with her for the week. He attends golf camp every summer in Nashville for a week. When he and mom started to leave, Marshall started to cry a little and say bubba over and over. It was so sad. That little guy is going to have a hard time this week and so is the momma!

It is amazing how quickly you start to miss your children when they are not around. It is also amazing how quickly you wish for some downtime when they are around.

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