Thursday, October 9, 2008

Almost Over

I cannot believe our vacation is almost over. Why does time go so fast yet so slow? My work days do not go this fast, this is so not fair.
Ben (Michael's friend) had finally collapsed. No worry, this is just from multiple late nights and early mornings with (Marshall and my slightly hard of hearing parents....they don't realize how loud they can be.) I finally manhandled him into taking a nap in our bedroom so he could have sleep sans Marshall. He is still asleep despite the fact it is 7 central. I am not waking him up, we have food for him when he does wake up and Mike and I will sleep on the fold out couch in the living room if we need to. Poor guy needs to sleep.


halem5 said...

OMG- Don't you LOVE that?
That's the "I've played too hard" exhaustion I remember from my childhood! And no better place to get that way but at the beach or lake. So many times I remember riding home from the lake/pool or walking into our beach house tired as crap but feeling WONDERFUL! Thought of you guys this week, even sent you a text- hope you are having a FABULOUS time with your sweet family of handsome men! Bring us a seashell.
Travel safely home.....

Angela said...

I love that totally exhausted with a little sunburn feeling in Florida. It makes for a comfy sleep in the cool A/C.