Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Day Of Fall

Yes, I know. Today is not the official first day of fall but for me it is. I love to decorate for Halloween. I buy lots of mums and make real pumpkin topiaries in the planters on the front porch. We have all kinds of lighted decorations (much to my neighbor's dismay, I'm sure), fake tombstones, and ghosts. What can I say, I love Halloween. However, I do have a modicum of decorum. (Did I just cuss?) I will only start decorating after October 1st, just like I don't start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving....sorry different blog, different time.
I cannot wait to get the boxes out. I would start now if is was not so cold outside! Tonight's low is in the 40's....buuurrrhhhhh!
I would then put it off until tomorrow but we have Girl's Night Out (Darn It All) to celebrate September birthdays. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!! OMG I still need to buy gifts...damn it I hate waiting until the last minute.
I welcomed the first day of MY fall with a pedicure and a highlight. Must get ready for Florida, ya know. I wish I had time for a Botox injection but I don't, oh well!! I will wait until spring.
Did I mention only 3 more days until Florida? Did I mention my parents are going so Mike and I will actually get a night of married going out to eat without food left on the floor/table after we leave (sans children if you need a hint). Very excited about that.
This day also marks another momentous event. My Mom and Dad's anniversary is today!
Thirty-One years today! For those of you who know me and can subtract...this is a second marriage! However, this is such a part of my life, I truly have two Dads.

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