Sunday, October 26, 2008

The End of Another Weekend

Yes, another weekend has come to a close. How quick does time go? Friday night was uneventful, Saturday night we went to the Nashville Zoo for a hay ride and trick or treat. We had a wonderful time. Marshall did not go, it was just Michael and I with another friend of mine and her kids. I must admit, although there were a boatload of kids there, it was very organized. You could tell the zoo had done this a few times before. The hayride was a little scary but appropriate..we had the Ice Queen from Narnia as our chaperon. The carousel was great and I rode the tiger which seems fairly apropos since I was dressed as a tiger! All and all, it was a wonderful evening. Michael's soccer game was cancelled so no cold weather for us, therefore, we tortured ourselves with the cold at the zoo! I decided to dress up! Granted, this was an impromptu costume borrowed from a friend of mine,Michael enoyed it. I have included a pic of us. I think we look rather fetching at grandma's house!

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