Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The second day in Florida started and ended in rain. I was watching the radar this morning and it looked like it would pass by noon. However, it was one of those growing, stationary storms if you know what I mean. Long story short, it lasted the entire day!!
The big boys (8 & 9 yrs old) woke up around 8:30 and started their day with a cup of coffee. That still cracks me up to watch them drink coffee and have small talk on the balcony first thing in the morning. It is almost like seeing in the future of two old men shooting the shit at a general store someday! Whatever, at least it keeps them out of trouble.
I talked the boys into going swimming in the rain (no thunder or lightening). Don't worry, we could see them from the balcony but they still felt a little freedom. This swimming fiesta lasted about 2 hours and then........a rumble of thunder!!! Out of the pool, per me, and the boys headed back upstairs. After they changed into dry clothes, Mike took all of them to the arcade to placate them for a while.

Mom and I took this opportunity to escape and go shopping. There is a huge outlet mall called Silver Sands just 1 mile down the road. This mall is humongous. To get a taste of what it has to offer....visit this site....http://www.silversandsoutlet.com/ and check it out. Hog Heaven would be a proper description of how we felt. Stride Rite shoes for 29.00, Bass and Geoffrey Beane had everything 70% off. No, that is not a typo!!! We are going back tomorrow to visit more stores. Discounts galore....Nirvana!!! Ok, Ok I am digressing. I would stutter if I knew how to type that!
When we returned from the mall, Mike had all the boys bike riding. They came back , watched TV for a while and then went swimming again. This was finished with salad, grilled grouper (fish) and rosemary potatoes. The boys ate hearty and then headed down to the movie theater to screen SpyKids 3D. Marshall is asleep and the boys are watching the movie. Mom and I are watching Doctor 90210!! What a bunch of narcissistic people!! How hypocritical of a statement is that!!

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