Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Will Survive

I made it. I survived my stomach plague and off to the next stage of my crazy, ridiculous, too much on my plate, life. At this point, I am on two separate committees at my son's school. One...I am in charge of the Cougar Run Photography which will help with part of the 60 thousand dollars we raise annually at our 'private' public school running event. This fundraiser is astounding in what is does for the school. We have so many dedicated and involved parents. It would blow your mind to know the true capacity of this. Only 5% of the children at our school ride the bus, the rest are car riders. These are the parents that are the heartbeat of our school, always there, always willing to lend a hand. We have over 500 students, so this is a really big deal. Working and non-working mom...always there!
I am also on the family involvement committee. (should that be capitalized?? who cares!!) We are holding an Olympic style theme in February. The kids will participate in 5 "Olympic Type" activities and then get to design their own medal. This is where yours truly gets involved. I am in charge of the medals...which by the way is going to eat almost all of the budget for this entire event. We are going to order almost 1000 'make your own' medals. The kids participate in 5 events and then make their own medals. I get to call hundreds of moms, coordinate 2 shifts of 4 within 5 separate grades.....whoooopeeee!!! The meeting on that was today at 8:15a.m. Off to work at 8:45 a.m., my children's pics for Christmas at 3:45 p.m. with a local photography ( Amy Callahan) who is awesome and I love.
After that, off to Crawdaddy's to celebrate my eldest son's good grades. 4 A's and 2 B's. I'll take it. Crawdaddy's is a wonderful Cajun restaurant in this town...hard to believe....if you are ever here, this is a must. Michael loves this place. He gets Gator Bites for an appetizer, shrimp n fries for entree, and today he ordered a cheesecake with raspberry drizzle for dessert. I personally got 2 glasses of house Cabernet because I felt like I deserved it!!! CHEERS!!!!

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