Saturday, October 18, 2008

Face It, I'm Old

OK, so as much as I hate to say it....I think I am getting addicted to Facebook. No, I am not pathetic but it is interesting to catch up with people. Especially the ones I graduated high school with. It's funny, I don't feel much older than I was almost 20 years ago but pictures don't lie. I have never been hit with such a reality check in my life. Looking through pictures, we are almost 40 years old people. When our parents where that age we were wondering how they were able to get around and form a lucid thought!! Now , I think I have come to terms with my age, maybe. I should embrace getting older because you only have one other choice!!
Back to Facebook......I love updating it and keeping up with my small circle of friends. I am sure it is like everything else, cool when it is new; boring after that wears off. We shall see.

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