Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bacchanal

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my first Bacchanal event. Now, if you Googled the definition of this word you may be raising your eyebrows! "A drunken or righteous celebration". It was a celebration and yes some people were drinking heavily. This event is held in town at Spankies. It is an auction to support the Appalachian Craft Center which is an extension of TTU. The students of the center auction their wares for big...big bucks and the money goes directly back into the art portion of the school. Although I did not buy anything (too rich for my blood) it was very entertaining to watch some of the wealthiest people in this town bid against each other. A local artist who lives in Cookeville donated one if his carved and sand blasted (very interesting) wooden bowls. Brad has already been 'discovered' if you will. He even has a piece in the Smithsonian! This particular bowl went for $3100!
They had free food and drink. I did imbibe too much Cabernet but not so much to bid on a necklace I loved that went for $275.
If you do appreciate talent and art please visit Brad's website. You will definitely be impressed with what he does with wood. His wife is also a good friend of mine and is preggers with baby #3. If you visit the site, please let me know what you think of his work.

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