Saturday, October 4, 2008

And We're Off

So, as if no one knows....we are off to Sandestin tomorrow EARLY. I am so excited I could just poot! Just kidding. I'm ready, Mike is ready, Michael is ready the only problem is not one thing has been packed! I get off on these cleaning tangents at times and today's tangent was cleaning the windows on the first floor! BOTH SIDES! It is not my fault that I started this. It is the sun's fault. I was up extra early this morning and when the sun shone through the windows I was mortified. So, off the clean I went and let me tell you it was worth every minute. I think is is brighter downstairs today!! Just so you know, this is not a small feat to perform. The first floor has just shy of two dozen windows (22 to be exact) and despite my best efforts to stay in shape, my arm is already killing me. What a loser!! Maybe I should work out a little harder.
I guess I should not dilly dally anymore with the blog and get my butt in gear to pack. I hate to pack. While we are gone, I will try to keep the blog updated of our Florida adventure but no promises. If you check my blog daily, don't get frustrated, I will be having a too good time!

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