Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check Up

Marshall went for his two year check up today. I know it is over a month late but his 18 month was a month late and so the story goes. What a boy he is. Weighs in at a smidgen under 35 pounds and almost 3 feet tall. Did I mention he can do a chin up? Or hang from his swing set with his elbows slightly bent and support all his weight with his biceps? I don't mean to brag, but you get the point! Oh, did I mention he giggled when the nurse stuck the needle into his meaty quadriceps?? LAUGHED....AS IN THAT TICKLES!!! What the hell is that about? If that one statement does not give you any insight into my life with Marshall then nothing will!! The doc said he is not worried about his weight (I am) as long as he is eating healthy food. We told him we could make a bowl of green olives, tomatoes and green beans and he would think we served him a bowl of candy! I am so thankful both of my kids are not picky eaters.

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