Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Almost The Weekend!!

Hooray, it is almost Friday. Tomorrow is going to be such a big day! I love all aspects of Halloween..dressing up, candy, trick or treating, and parties. It is going to be a play day from beginning to end. Even though I do have to work, we practically play all day ( I LOVE MY JOB) and get paid great money to do so. I organized a pot luck at work for the therapy staff. We are going to have chili, potato soup, yummy rotel dip (has bunches of extras, not the generic kind), chicken casserole and various other hors devours. If you know me even remotely, you know how much I love to eat.....very hearty appetite. Then it is pumpkin carving time with the Occupational Therapists. At 1:3o, I will be at Michael's school for his Halloween party. I love getting goody bags together for all the kids. I will be putting them together tonight.
At 6 o'clock, we are heading next door for fellowship with other families and a hot dog roast for the kids. Then all the families are going trick or treating together. My neighborhood does not have a lot of houses in it, 14 in all, so we usually migrate to adjacent neighborhoods with lots and lots of houses. One of us will have to stay home because people come into our neighborhood by the truckload, literally. No candy may equal angry children.
Tomorrow will be fun from sun up to after sun down. My excitement can hardly be contained. To top it all off, my mom will be here to help with the festivities. Life is so much easier with her here. She brings a level of patience to the house like one has never seen.
Anyway, more updates later. I may even treat you all with a pic of the front porch and all of it's decorated glory!! Try to contain your excitement!!!! The pumpkin topiaries are a sight to behold!

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