Monday, October 6, 2008

End Of The First Full Day

What a wonderful first, full day in FL. After the boys enjoyed their 'cup of coffee' this morning we walked (they rode) to the wharf to play on yet another playground. A stand up game of checkers and a walk around the bay later......we decided to get back to the condo and swim for a while. The only problem was, the pools were freezing. I convinced the maintenance man to turn the heaters on which killed the chill after about an hour. By this time it is after 1:00 and the big boys are begging to go to the beach. I continued to lounge in the sun with my ipod (Deep Forest and The Art of Noise) while Mike took the kids to the beach. This was cut short by a Normandy type invasion of jellyfish on the shore. Luckily, the boys were able to play for about an hour before the attack.
They came home, ate lunch, and headed to the arcade. This area is totally happening since it takes 0 (zero) quarters to operate any of the games or air hockey. Also totally cool for adults. Either that or I am easily entertained!!!
The condo we stay in has a movie theater on the first floor and you can request movies to be seen. The theater has a huge screen and seats 50. We decided to screen Open Season. I have never seen this movie and admit to laughing way loud at certain points of the movie. Too funny if yo have never watched it. The finale included spaghetti with garlic bread f0r dinner.


Deborah Anne said...

Deep Forest is a personal all I need is the ipod and pool. No exciting invasions here, but we did get out to look at some paint chips. I'm totally hoggin my own coffee and McLoving the Bregenzer Report from FL. Hugs all around, unless there is too much boy smell around. Thank heaven for grandparents...enjoy everything!

Angela said...

Not too much boy smell. Good hygiene practices. Thank Goodness!