Monday, October 13, 2008

I Hate My Computer!

As you have read on my previous entries, my laptop has had a serious attitude problem. Granted it is over four years old, weighs 50 pounds and is 12 inches thick, it still meets my needs so why spend the money on a new one. I just use is to do stuff like this. The only thing is doesn't have that I wish it did was a DVD burner. I would love to compile all my DVDs from my video camera thingie. Those DVDs only hold 30 minutes of material and they pile up fast.
My battery charger attachment decided to jump on the attitude bandwagon while we where in Florida. No problem, I thought, I will just buy a new one when I get back. Yeah Right! I just got off the phone with Radio Shack. Did you know a new charger thingie cost 100 dollars!!!!!! Who knew? I about choked! My whole damn computer is not worth 100 dollars! Needless to say, forget it. I am getting a new one. Since all I really need on my laptop is a wireless card and a DVD burner, I can get a new one for 600 dollars or so....SOLD. I am so tired of brain damage!!!

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