Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Timing, My Personal Trifecta

You have all heard someone say the perfect trifecta. Usually it is in reference to something good like a horse race. My personal one is not so good. I woke up this morning around 1a.m. feeling 'weird'. You know, the weird...oh, crap...I am getting sick weird!! My stomach felt horrible but when the alarm went off I drudged into the bathroom to start getting ready. That is the first of the perfect three, me feeling like death on a stick!
I had to go to work today...HAD TO. No I am not so narcissistic to believe it can't run without me but Tuesdays are different. This is the day we evaluate all aspects of every patient to give report to the doctor on Wednesday. Oh, and we were also going live with our computer documentation. This is the second of my 'perfect storm'.
Mike informs me half way through my day that he has the same sickness. It hard enough to run a household with one sick parent.....try two sick parents! This is my third.
I have been home in bed since 1:00 pm and starting to feel better. I am starving, which is always a good sign but my head is killing me. The kids are in the tub which is virtually free entertainment and off to an early bed time they go. I am ready to start tomorrow anew!

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