Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Spreading Of The Plague

I will learn one of these days to stop bragging and/or complaining. Last week I was complaining about the ride to Florida, which in hindsight was pretty spectacular. (And as one of my patients told me one time...."Hindsight is 50/50!" REALLY!! That is a new one one me. I was actually able to control my laughter.)
Sunday I was bragging to Michael about how Marshall has never thrown up! Big Mistake. Last night Marshall woke up around 11:30 a little whiny. I thought he could not find his paci so I went in, patted his butt a few times, and gave him his paci. No problem.
About 30 minutes later, he started whining again. I went back into his room but this time as soon as his paci touched his lips.....BLAAAAAACCCHHH! The dinner he ate 6 hours ago was in one large food bolus on his pillow. It was quite disgusting. Of course, he immediately started screaming bloody murder because he was scared half to death. I picked him and carried him into our room so I could get a towel. Mike was awake by now (about time) and took him from me so I could clean up little bit's bed. About the time I got his bed cleaned up... I hear it again. This time it was caught in a towel. Two huge vomiting episodes in under 5 minutes! Hooray! I promise I am going to learn to keep my mouth shut!

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