Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Last Full Day In Florida

As goes the week....this morning started off cloudy. Cloudy until almost 2 p.m. So cloudy, I did not even have to put sunscreen on the boys when they went swimming. Before the boys went swimming, we loaded up the Tahoe and went to IHOP for breakfast. We have been eating breakfast in every morning and Mom figured they could use the change up.

Sidenote: I used to get so mad at my mom and dad when I was little and we would vacation and they would not eat out every meal. It is amazing how valuable a dollar is when it is your dollar. I guess mom and dad had a brain after all. WHO KNEW!

The boys ate a humongous breakfast. Ben ordered a chocolate pancake...I have never in my life seen such a kidding, this pancake was as big as a dinner plate and 1/4 inch thick. I believe he put a gallon of syrup on it but I am bad with volume so that may not be right. Michael had his usual...the Rooty, Jr. Eggs, bacon, pancakes....GONE! Marshall helped me with mine. Is it possible for a kid to pop after eating too much? I guess Violet Beauregarde would say, YES!!
Afterwards, Marshall took a power nap and the boys went swimming. After he woke up, we fed everyone and rode bikes to the beach. That was super cool. Especially since a tunnel runs under Hwy 98 and there is no dangerous crossing. This was Marshall first official trip to the ocean. He has been twice before but he was either way too young or way too sick to remember or have a good time. The waves did not scare him at all. Even the one that flipped him. I wonder how much water he drank??? I guess the subsequent diarrhea over the next few days will be my clue!
The sun decided to make it's grand entrance about 2p.m. so the boys were slathered with sunscreen. Unfortunately, I guess I missed Ben's eyelids (like you would put sunscreen there). Needless to say, that is the only place he got burned. Everyone else escaped the sun's rays.
Currently, I am waiting for Mike to get back with a pizza. After everyone chows, we are going to take the ferry across the bay to nosh on ice cream!! Fun, Fun!

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